(Deliberately deep post) I love you more than anyone but I’m kind of even more disgusted

I could say I like you, I love you and maybe I want to be with you.
You have an endearing sense that is rare for a beautiful black diamond like you. I love how we can be friends for real easy, how we can talk for hours without getting tired of ourselves, how you can be so open yet welcomed to a person so closed-up, tight, and strict as me.
I love how you can understand me and how you would try to make me understand you.

You loosen me up. You change me to the point that I wouldn’t even consider my flaws when I’m talking to you.
You made me special when I have just thought to break up with my significant other. Which I finally did. Once.


The moment we talked I know it is our hearts that speaks to each other.
I love it when you say you like me as well.
Even until now, your beauty can sometimes smother me with this lovestruck face of me.

It’s just that I chose to get back to my World of Warcraft over you.
It just won’t happen between us.

Man it isn’t even night yet and Tumblr has gone deep

Sekali-sekali~ with Nia at Kedai Tiga Nyonya – View on Path.

Sekali-sekali~ with Nia at Kedai Tiga Nyonya – View on Path.


reason why 2013 was so shitty: uneven number

reason why 2014 is going to be better: even number

reason why 2015 is going to be the best: nice neat multiple of 5

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